Right People, Right Roles provides services for measuring and assessing demonstrated leadership ability, assigning people to management roles where they will succeed, developing leaders, improving productivity, and providing professional development.

Professional Development
  • Seminar/Workshops
  • Speeches/Presentations
  • Webinars
  • White-papers/Research
Productivity Solutions
  • Process Mapping
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Process Simulation
  • Peer Site - Visits
  • Employee Survey (BPA)
  • Performance Management Eye ChartTM
  • Talent Management Eye ChartTM
  • Integrated Performance Metrics ScorecardTM
Leadership Performance
  • Coaching (Executive & Workshops)
  • Leadership Decision Tree RoadmapTM
  • Behavioral Analysis - Team Dynamics
  • Succession Planning - Talent-on-Demand RoadmapTM
Workforce Optimization
  • Selection Tools
  • On-boarding
  • Benchmarking
  • Appointment Practices

Professional Development

Right People, Right Roles provides a variety of ways for learning more about the skills and techniques it uses. These include speeches and presentations by Tom Olivo, President of RPR2; webinars on talent alignment and leadership success; and white papers on many of the concepts behind the material.

Productivity Solutions

While getting the right people on the right roles is critical, there are also process improvement methods that can increase a company's performance. Through HPS, Right People, Right Roles provides access to a highly-experienced team to help successfully inplement Six Sigma or Lean programs, leading to improved process performance, reduced operating costs, and reduced defects.

For more information, click here: [Productivity Solutions].


Right People, Right Roles uses several innovative measurement techniques to provide business intelligence that allows management to identify the best leaders, put them in the right places, and help them succeed. In a company with a mature and sophisticated measurement system, this data will already be available within the company. The tools used by RPR2 organize the raw data into visual from so that it can be easily understood and acted upon.

For more information, click here: [Measurement Page].

Leadership Performance

Executive Coaching
CEOs and executive teams who want to increase leadership abilities and management performance and productivity could significantly benefit from the disciplined approach to coaching available from RPR2. This customized process, combining onsite and offsite work, is meant to facilitate a self-sustaining plan and execution, one leader at a time and one department at a time.

For more information, click here: [Executive Coaching page].

Leadership Decision Tree - Roadmap
Leaders who want to coach managers under them can do so with the assistance of the RPR2 Leadership Decision Tree, which lays out a consistent, structured approach to the best way to coach any level of leader in a department of any complexity.

For more information, click here:[Leadership Decision Tree - Roadmap page].

For front-line managers who have strategically important roles, leadership potential, and are underperforming, our Management Effectiveness seminar program is focused on measurably increasing performance and productivity.

For more information, click here: [Seminar page].

Succession Planning
Even in companies with good leadership alignment, problems can occur when a top position falls vacant. The Succession Planning Roadmap used by RPR2 provides a graphical display of potential succession paths, with strengths and weaknesses readily observable.

For more information, click here: [Succession Planning page].

Behavioral Analysis
Once the right leaders are in position, it is time to build strong, cohesive teams. By using a strengths-based approach to build understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses, RPR2equips leaders and managers with the ability to get the most from the talent resources available to them.

For more information, click here: [Behavioral Analysis page].

Consulting and Advisory Services
For more assistance in helping manage a company's greatest asset, human capital, RPR2 works closely with HPS Advisory Services to provide expert guidance on subjects from talent management strategy to executive coaching.

For more information, click here: [Consulting and Advisory Services].

Workforce Optimization

The average organization without a structured approach to talent management only appoints the right leaders in the right roles 60% of the time, while the best organizations reach levels as high as 90%. Right People, Right Roles provides a structured approach to successfully aligning leadership ability with management positions, increasing a company's competitiveness.

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