RPR2 Performance Center
Creating a competitive advantage through leadership capability and alignment

Consistent success in any endeavor rarely occurs by accident. In fact, there are specific predictors, critical success factors, behaviors, and "Evidence Based" business practices that contribute to high performance among athletes, business professionals and organizations.

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What is the Performance Center?

The Performance Center is a unique professional resource designed to improve an organization's Leadership IQ and support workforce agility.  It focuses on the core competencies needed for successful leadership and management of high impact teams and fast paced environments.

Who uses the Performance Center?

The Performance Center is Ideal for busy executives, strategic planners, tactical practitioners, financial managers, operational administrators or any leadership role you and your key personnel fill.

Why is the Performance Center important?

The ultimate competitive differentiator is the talent and execution of your leadership. Providing them with an on demand resource that allows them to immediately have access and pinpoint just the information they need at the time of need is essential.

What's the Intent of the Performance Center?

The Performance Center is designed to make professional resources readily available to any leader within your organization.  Creating high leadership alignment and appointing the Right People in the Right Roles allows you to outperform your peers by a significant margin.

  • Financial results are superior.
  • Overall customer experience is better.
  • Voluntary employee turnover is lower.
  • Employee productivity is higher.
  • Overall employee satisfaction, loyalty and professional engagement is significantly higher.

The facts are:

  • Access to the Performance Center available 24/7.
  • Tailored content that has situational learning resources in hard copy printable format, PowerPoint presentations, segmented video clips, and complete webinars.
  • Situational learning that is on target from an established peer in Healthcare.
  • Unlimited Access to all content within the Performance Center.
  • Regular updates to content that is organized for easy navigation by category, resource and topic.
  • Leadership and talent assessments to develop superior self awareness.
  • "How to" manuals of best practices guidelines.
  • Research reports, statistical analysis and information about marketplace and performance trends.
  • Benchmarking opportunities and access to successful organizations.
  • Large-scale Learning and communication tools.

Pricing for Organizations based upon total number of leaders/managers with individual access.

  • Small HC organization (total leaders/managers up to 25) = $2,500/yr.
  • Medium HC organization (From 26-100 total leaders/managers) = $5,000/yr.
  • Large HC organization (From 101- 250 total leaders/managers) = $7,500/yr.
  • System HC organization (Above 251 total leaders/managers) = $9,500/yr.

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Succession Planning Roadmap
Leadership ability, career path options and organization bench strength in an easy to read graphical format.

Lee Memorial - Jon Cecil Interview
An interview with Jon Cecil from Lee Memorial on Performance and Talent Alignment.

Integrated Performance Measurement Scorecard
A sophisticated system that allows leaders to display hard performance measures and soft-measures of human capitol performance.

Talent Management Eye Chart
A brief introduction into the "Top-Down" assessment of the front-line managers we call our Talent Management Eye Chart.

Positive and Negative Feedback Loop
A review of the effects of both positive and negative feedback loops on cultural engagement.

RPR2 - Odds of Success Calculator
Calculate the odds of success of a particular individual with a few simple questions via our Free online Odds of Success Calculator.

INTERVIEW: Chris Van Gorder
CEO, Scripps San Diego
An in-depth interview with one of Healthcare's leading Executives Chris Van Gorder Chief Executive Officer of Scripps Health in San Diego.

From a Disservice to Gross Negligence
A detailed review of how appointing the wrong people in the wrong roles can evolve from a disservice to gross negligence.

Discovery Chart
An example of our 10-step process through a graphic illustration we call a Discovery Chart.

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