Since 1991, the team at Right People, Right Roles, LLC (RPR2) have helped hundreds of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to small, privately-held enterprises, accurately measure performance one leader and one department at a time. Over the last few years, RPR2 has delivered significant increases in employee engagement, employee productivity, and net operating margin for its clients.

New and innovative assessment tools and ground-breaking research over the past seven years have quantified the impact that leadership has on overall performance, created a valid methodology for consistent talent management, and developed evidence-based protocols for coaching to improve manager performance. Highly visual reporting methods present information in a format that makes it easy for leaders to take action.

RPR2 Uses a structured approach that is:

  • Comprehensive, mature and sophisticated in design
  • Practical and applied in its methodology
  • Evidence-based in protocol for consistent performance management diagnosis and prescribing of customized coaching for improvement
  • Logical and scientific in compiling, organizing, and analyzing data
  • Flexible and easy for organizations to adopt using their existing performance data
  • Inexpensive to incorporate and does not require expensive software or subscription fees

RPR2 uses assessment material developed by Success Profiles and validated by years of use in hundreds of companies. These materials incorporate results from a variety of feedback mechanisms that are generally employed in best-practices assessment systems, providing management with a unique birds-eye view of each manager in a readily-understood visual format. For more information, click here: [Measurement page].