Welcome to Right People, Right Roles

Right People, Right Roles, LLC (RPR2) Right People, Right Roles provides an innovative method for ensuring that a company hires and assigns the best people to leadership positions, giving it the best chance to thrive in this competitive environment. Increase your odds of success with leadership alignment by putting the right person in the right role.

Ineffective front-line leadership is the primary contributing factor for low performance in organizations, and the most effective way to improve business performance across the board is to improve the leadership skills of managers by careful assignments and coaching. The highest probability of success comes from matching the leadership talent with the demands of the position. This can best be done with a structured program that is evidence-based and results in a visual display of quantitative information that makes it easy for management to act effectively.

To survive in today's business environment, organizations must become more sophisticated and more mature in the way they collect and use data. By harnessing the power of business intelligence, you can make better strategic and operational decisions and improve performance across the board. RPR2 uses several proprietary assessment tools for measuring the leadership ability and performance of managers. These tools present dense information in easily-read graphics that make it easy to see and understand complex data at a glance. Management can then diagnose performance, make practical and effective decisions, and implement improvement interventions through a comprehensive, structured approach.